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Our Vision, Beliefs and Values

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Teaching and Learning at APS

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Welcome to Alkimos Primary School



Dear Families

I am very honoured and proud to welcome you to Alkimos Primary School. On behalf of our dedicated staff, I look forward to forging a strong partnership with you to ensure that Alkimos Primary School continues to be a quality public school in the northern corridor, renowned for excellence in teaching and learning, high standards of care for all students, and a school of choice for our local area.

You’ll see that as reflected in our beliefs, we view education as more than just realising the academic potential of students. Education is about the whole child; it is developing and supporting the emotional, social and physical needs of every child. Further, it is crucial that every child is taught the values and behaviours that make them life-long compassionate and caring members of their community.

There will be many opportunities to contribute and participate in school life. Please take advantage of this and join us for the regular activities and events that are held.

I trust that you find this website useful and would welcome your comments, enquiries or feedback about any aspect of our lovely school. There is Strength in Unity at Alkimos Primary School!


Andy Gorton




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