Welcome to Alkimos Primary School

Welcome to Alkimos Primary School

Welcome to Alkimos Primary School

Welcome to Alkimos Primary School

Welcome to Alkimos Primary School

Welcome to Alkimos Primary School

Welcome to Alkimos Primary School

Our fantastic school opened in 2016 with an enrolment of 215 students. The facilities feature 5 teaching blocks, an automated library, a fully enclosed and carpeted assembly area, nature playground areas, a traditional playground, a sensory bike track and a loose parts hub. All classrooms are fully air-conditioned. Transportable classrooms cater for our growing student enrolment. In 2019, our school was identified to host a Specialised Learning Program-Autism Spectrum Disorder, one of sixteen public schools in WA to do so.

Our priorities

  • Alkimos Learning Community: This has three areas; Students as Learners, Teachers as Learners, Parents as Learners.
  • Alkimos Healthy Community: This has three areas; Student Health and Well Being, Staff Health and Well Being and Family Health and Well Being

Our approaches to teaching and learning

Alkimos PS staff understand that the quality of our relationships with students and our families is the key. Teachers strive to adeptly engage families and the Alkimos school community, as crucial to our school’s success is the extent to which this sense of belonging and connectedness can be created. Our staff seek to create a highly collaborative learning environment. In developing exemplary teaching and learning approaches, teachers will take advantage of contemporary practices founded upon proved research. Teachers and all staff advocate for the importance of play in learning, taking advantage of the excellent nature playgrounds in our play areas. Alkimos PS staff are committed catering for the individual needs of students, and providing inclusive, fair and safe classrooms.

Complementing our approaches is the explicit understanding that students’ academic learning outcomes and opportunities are maximised when robust non-academic strategies and beliefs are apparent. This means we believe in the education of the whole child.

Curriculum and other programs that support our approaches

In addition to those descried above, at Alkimos PS, you can expect class teachers to be using strategies drawn from many proven and evidence-based sources. Examples include:

• Oxford Assess 
• Letters and Sounds
• Cooperative Learning strategies
• Zones of Regulation
• Discovery Geography, History and Science
• First Steps
• Be You
• Friendly Schools Plus 
• Words Their Way
• Talk For Writing

School Grounds

Our school maintains links to the ocean and Greek theme of the local area, as reflected in the name Alkimos. For example, our facilities have been given Greek names and our factions have names with Greek origins. This includes classroom blocks and the covered assembly area.

When constructed, all new public schools had an allocation to develop art works as part of the building program. This is known as the ‘Percent for Art’ project. Our school has an impressive mural in the Library, interesting sculptures in the Early Childhood playground and near Beta block, and many small djidi-djidi sculptures around the school. How many can you find?

Our loose parts hub attractively displays a mural, featuring images of Carnaby’s black cockatoos. These beautiful birds are native to the wider Alkimos area and we proud to ensure that connection remains a strong one.

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