In 2019, Alkimos Primary School became one of the public schools to host the Specialised Learning Program (SLP) for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The SLP is a program for up to 25 students from Kindergarten to Year 6 with Autism who do not have the competencies at the point of enrolment to participate successfully full-time in mainstream classrooms.

The program targets age appropriate academic engagement and achievement while supporting the students’ communication, organisational, socialisation and self-regulation skills. Evidence-based approaches including Positive Behaviour Support, Discrete Trial Training, Direct

Instruction, Facilitated Play, Visual Supports, Schedules, Explicit Instruction, Zones of Regulation, Protective Behaviours, Incidental Teaching and Modelling, underpin the Behaviourist Approach adopted in the program to support the students’ development. Each student’s individual program is based on their unique profile, strengths, needs and goals and encourages the development of social and communication skills.

Students spend some of their time in their ‘homeroom’ class undertaking specialist support and some of their time in mainstream classes. At Alkimos Primary School we have three multi-aged homerooms, one Early Intervention room, a junior class and a senior class.

The Specialised Learning Program includes a Co-ordinator, Mrs Melinda Papadopoff, three Teachers and six to eight Educational Assistants.

Mooney.jpg The Early Intervention class is run by Mrs Charlotte Mooney. 

The Kindergarten/Pre-Primary homeroom uses intensive teaching strategies to facilitate the learning outcomes so that the students have greater skills for mainstream participation and independence. Kindergarten students attend 

the program every Monday and Tuesday, and every second Wednesday – full days. Pre-Primary and Primary students attend the program, full time, with gradual transition into the mainstream class.


The junior class is run by Mrs Czarina Rowe. The junior homeroom uses explicit teaching strategies and hands-on activities to engage students and teach academic skills. The students are provided with opportunities to support the development of skills such as communication self-regulation, peer interaction and organisational skills. Students in the junior room may spend part of each week in mainstream classrooms.

Jon_Hobson.jpgThe senior class is run by Mr Jonathon Hobson. The senior homeroom uses explicit teaching strategies to engage students and teach academic skills. The students will be provided with opportunities to support the development of skills such as communication, self-regulation, peer interaction and executive functioning skills. Students in the senior room may spend part of each week in mainstream classrooms.

Sophie_Dawson.jpg Mrs Sophie Dawson will continue the specialist teaching programs in our classes when the teachers are fulfilling their Duties Other Than Teaching.

Other specialist teachers who take students in the SLP for a range of subjects such as Art, Music, Science and Phys-Ed are Mr Fenn, Mrs Paul, Mrs Nixon, Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Wittam, Miss Sutton and Mrs Hackman. All staff will be continually trained in Applied Behaviour Analysis, Positive Behaviour Support, Functional Behaviour Analysis and Team Teach to ensure students reach their full potential.


For more information regarding eligibility, please click on the following links:

Click here to view information for Children with Special Needs

If you would like more information or would like an Expression of Interest Form sent to you, please contact the Program Coordinator, Melinda Papadopoff on 9562 9800.

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