Absences and Absentee notes

If your child is sick or not attending school for any reason, please use the SZapp on your phone “Student Absence”.  Please fill out the fields and submit the form.  Alternatively, you can phone the office from 8:00am on tel: 9562 9800.


In the interest of safety for all, please note that dogs are not permitted to be brought onto the school grounds even if on a leash or other control devices.

Voluntary Contributions

In 2021, the School Contribution is $30 per child (unchanged from 2016).  This is a “one-off” payment.  This equates to $0.75c per week.  Money collected will be used to supplement expenditure in the areas listed below.  Payment of the School Contribution is voluntary, however the areas listed below will be enhanced if each family makes its contribution.

Purchase of

  • Reading resources
  • Maths resources
  • ICT equipment

You are encouraged to pay the School Contribution as early as possible in 2021, as this assists considerably with planning the school’s budget and making decisions about purchases in the three areas listed.  You are able to pay this direct into our bank or via the book list with Campion.  BSB 066 058 A/C 10293855, please use your child’s name and Vol Contribution as the reference.

Paying Money to the School

The following methods of payment can be made to the school:

  • Direct Deposit (please put the student’s name as a reference and payment description)
    BSB - 066 058 Account No - 10293855
  • Cash (using the school money envelopes and drop off boxes in the front office)
  • Eftpos


Parking spaces for parents, including disabled bays are located in the car park on Villena Parade, in street bays on Benenden Avenue and Somerton Drive and the left of the front car park on Benenden Avenue.  Please follow the signs.  Bays to the right of the car park are for school staff only.

All usual road and parking rules apply around the school and parking fines are issued by rangers (who visit the school frequently) to those not adhering to the road rules. We encourage you to obey all parking and road rules for the safety of all families.  

Please refer to the City of Wanneroo for Parking Information:


Lost Property

A lost property box is located in the Library.  Please ensure that your child’s clothing is clearly labelled.  The lost property box will be emptied at the end of each term.

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