SLP Program – Autism Program


My name is Melinda Papadopoff and I have the pleasure of being the Program Co-ordinator for our Specialised Learning Program for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder(SLP-ASD).

The SLP-ASD is a withdrawal program for up to 25 students who do not have the competencies to participate successfully full-time in mainstream classrooms.

The goal of the Specialised Learning Program is to meet the individual needs of students with ASD from Kindergarten to Year 6 by providing programs to assist the students to achieve positive academic, behavioural, social and emotional outcomes to enhance the skills required for primary education and a transition to full-time mainstream enrolment.

The program targets age appropriate academic engagement and achievement while supporting the students’ communication, organisational, socialisation and self-regulation skills.  Evidence-based approaches including Positive Behaviour Support, a Progressive Approach to Early Intervention, Direct Instruction, Facilitated Play, Visual Supports, Schedules, Explicit Instruction, Zones of Regulation, Protective Behaviours, Incidental Teaching and Modelling, underpin the Behaviourist Approach adopted in the program to support the students’ development.  Each student’s individual program is based on their unique profile, strengths, needs and goals and encourages the development of social and communication skills.

Students spend some of their time in their ‘homeroom’ class undertaking specialist support and some of their time in mainstream classes.  At Alkimos Primary School we have three multi-aged homerooms, one Early Intervention room, a junior class and a senior class.

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact me on tel: 9562 9800 or on my email

Kind regards.

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